I am from Aurora, Colorado in the US and I been drawing since five years old. I have experimented with several medias but my favorites are pens, ink, markers, and coffee. I am also pursuing the graphic design and marketing career field.

Being an artist is no easy journey. Most of us tend to lose passion in arts as we grow up for different reasons. Unless we are big and famous or consider a “good” artist, society has set low expectations of being an artist. But to be honest, being an artist has helped me mature as well as being ambitious towards my goals.

What drives me to become a better artist is simply to inspire others. I want others to view the hard work I put in my pieces and be inspired. As a normal person, there were times where I lost motivation or saw myself believing society low standards. There were other times where I would tell myself that I don’t have time to do create pieces. But what inspired me was seeing people working hard towards their goals. Whether it was for art, school, career, or sports, I would be inspired to see people working hard toward their goals and in return, I would like to inspire others.

I’m slowly learning that it doesn’t matter how busy you can get because if you truly want something, you will make time for it.

Please help share my artwork to others. Thank you for your support.