• Shirt and Lanyard Design

    In 2011, I collaborated with my first client, Photographer Sicksation. There, I created some designs for her to promote a breakdancing crew and donated money to the crisis for Japan.  It was around the time when the earthquakes and the tsunami hit Japan. Sicksation wanted to sell merchandise and donate a percentage to Red Cross.

    Soundless Flow Shirts

    My first project was to designed a shirt design for a breakdancing crew called Soundless Flow. Sicksation was sponsoring them and she wanted to create some merchandising to get their name out there. The only thing she requested for is the color of the design to be cyan and black. The planning process didn’t take long to come up with the idea for the design. I was sketching up some ideas and finally came up with a face using a “be quiet” gesture. The idea of the gesture came from their name “Soundless” and I decided to use the face to attract the younger audience since the dancers were teenagers. There were other shirts that were designed by other designers but this was the most popular one to be sold.

    Paper Crane Lanyards

    The purpose behind this design was to make profit to donate to Red Cross for the crisis in Japan. The planning process didn’t take long either because I was using the idea of the paper crane for a design project in class. The sketch was already created beforehand which is one of the perks of being an artist. I basically scanned the sketch and used the pen tool to produced the design. The color red were inspired from the red sun of the Japanese flag.

    Originally, this was going to be a shirt design and Sicksation was going to sell it on her website. But after some research and talking to other people , I realized shirts are difficult to sell mainly because because the cost of producing is high. If the cost is high, then the shirts sell price has to be high ($20+) to make profit. After some thinking,  I changed my mind because I wasn’t sure if the shirts would sell. I decided to use lanyards instead because we would be able to set the sell price lower than the shirts prices. This price ($8) will attract more consumers than the shirt price ($20+). We successfully sold all 300 lanyards.

    Credits to Brian Gonzalez for the Lanyard photography.

    Soundless Flow Shirt Design

    soundlessflowsketch Soundless-flow-Final
    bsfshirt soundlessflow

    Lanyard Design