• Saridae Logo

    I had a client requesting a logo design for her music. She wanted her logo to say Saridae, which means “seeing a reality in dreams and eternity.” She wanted the look to tie in with the meaning of the name. She also gave me the font she like but I wasn’t require to use.

    For the creative process, I researched musician’s logos to get an idea in mind. It was a bit difficult for me to connect the design to the name’s meaning. After creating several sketches I came up with the 3 designs. One design was related to what she requested for while the other two were different ideas I came up with.

    Knowing that my client sings and play the guitar, the first design I came up with was a signature with characteristics of a guitar. I thought a signature would be good because it portrays a personal feel. The second also had characteristics of a guitar except the font that she wanted me to use. The third design had characteristics of the moon and space, portraying dreams and reality. In the final process and comparing each design to each other, my client decided on the signature logo, which was the first design I came up with.

    Black Logo


    White Logo


    Sketch 2 with requested font


    Dreams and Reality Design